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Tags and labels usage

1, Product tags/labels

A, Car tags: Used for tags in the head and tail of the cars. Common include English words, numbers, brand logo.

B, Electric appliance: Refrigerators, TV, audios, DVD, air conditioners, etc.

C, Equipment name plates: Used for tagging and describe equipment features.

D, Motorcycles, electric bicycles, mopeds name plates: Mainly used for oil tank, protective plate, side cover, head cover, type number, light box, front/back AD plate.

E, Furniture name tags: Mainly used for office desks, chests, tea tables, dressing tables, etc.

F, Door name tags: Used for security doors, wooden doors, adornment doors, glass doors, sound proof windows and doors, etc.

G, Bags and suitcases name tags: Used for travel bags, bags, instrument package bags, shot boxes, etc.

2, Business tags/labels

A, Medal plates: Hornor plates, for example: Authorization plates, franchised dealer, etc.

B, Navigation plates: Used for direction signs, notes and reminds. Fox example, road signs, etc.

C, Public signs: Set in the public places, used for declaration and publishing some informations.