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How many methods to process metal tags and labels?

Common metal tags/labels process includes:

1, Photosensitive metal tags. Put different colors into the film. Then show them onto the metal plates through development method. Maybe this method is like develop film photos.

2, Etched metal tags. There are three main steps: Cover protective film, etch, and after treatment. Etched metal tags often have concave or convex text and logo.

3, Silk-screened metal tags. After pre-treatment, using resin type of ink to silk-screen. Then do protection.

4, Electroplating & electroforming metal tags. Cover a layer of protective film, then electroplate/electroform, make the text and logo convex, colorful, clear and have perfect gloss.

5, Hot transferred printing metal tags. Do special process to make the surface of metal plates be suited for printing. Then print the colored text, logo and images onto the special hot transferred paper. Hot the special paper, and transfer the color text, logo and images onto the metal plates.

6, Sand blast metal tags. Using computer to engrave the sticker. Then stick the sticker onto the metal plates. Sand blast the text and images. Then anodize the surface.